Nio Strategic Metals

Nio Strategic Metals

Critical resources + Effective ESE Governance

Our purpose is to responsibly source strategic metals and minerals essential to advancing modern life and national security in beneficially environmental, social and ethical manner

Nio Strategic Metals is all about Strategic Metals and Minerals

We aim to become the best alternative for worldwide customers looking for a North American-based Ferro-Niobium supplier and enable strategic metal projects with solid management and strong relationship with the local community to ensure long and lasting supply.

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The Niobium

Noted as critical by all major manufacturing nations

Niobium is classified as a critical metal by Canada and USA with usage growth estimated to be over 6% per year.

Essential to national economy + security

FeNb itself is not really a rare commodity. Why the industry, governments, etc. classify FeNb as strategic and critical is based on the fact that CBMM sold 30% of its production to Asia, Catalao 100% and Niobec is also 100% owned by Asian shareholders. This situation is concerning for the western steel industry. Therefore, Nio Strategic Metals is highly welcome on the international market by the fact it is 100% western owned.

Niocan Niobium

Essential to new and green technologies

Airplanes, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Bridges and Buildings, Electric Vehicles Batteries are in increasing demand and they all need a Niobium-content to reduce their overall weight.

A strategic and critical commodity

The international steel industry desperately longs for a 4th FeNb supplier from a first-class country without Asian stakes in it, especially with view to the growing quality requirement of the downstream industry.

Nio Strategic Metals's projects

The Oka project

Nio Strategic Metals was founded in 2006 thanks to the vision of some Québec entrepreneurs who decided to join forces to form a purchasing group for aftermarket parts.The name Nio Strategic Metals was chosen to reflect how Niobium was the founding members’ main motivation and its privilege to be located in Canada.


Niobium at the Oka Property is pure and highly concentrated.

Niocan Oka project
Niocan Great-Whale project

The Great-Whale project

The Great Whale Iron Property is composed of three (3) deposits, A, D and E, located on the eastern shore of Hudson Bay.

The mineralization is associated with iron ore formation unit commonly named Banded Iron Formation (BIF) present in the Deposits A, D, and E. The iron mineral is mainly magnetite with little amount of hematite, martite and hydroxide iron (limonite) related to weathering.