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Niocan also announces a change to its executive team in support of the strategic plan

(Montreal, Québec, January 17, 2022) – Niocan Inc. (TSX-V: NIO) (OTC:NIOCF) (“Niocan” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its intention to change its name for Nio Strategic Metals. The change would have no impact on the trading symbol but confirms the Company’s intention to expend its activities to source strategic metals and minerals essential to advancing modern life and national security in beneficially environmental, social and ethical manner.

“The new name will emphasise the Company’s commitment to its corporate objective of expanding its activities and targeting projects with a focus on strategic minerals that can be developed with a reduced environmental footprint and upholding the highest international standards for responsible mining” said Hubert Marleau, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Niocan. “By taking a broader and more complete view of the Company’s purpose, we can focus on creating long-term value and serve better our investors, employees, communities, suppliers and customers” he added.

Niocan announces, effective January 1, 2022, the appointment of Hubert Vallée as Senior Vice President Operations to its executive team. Mr. Vallée will lead the effort to maximise value of our assets. He joined Consolidated Thompson in 2006 and was one of the key officers who made this project happen. After the sale of Consolidated Thompson Cliffs, he worked as Vice President, Project Development for Phase II of Bloom Lake operation. He was also involved in negotiating amicable relationships with the Innu and the Cree communities in Sept-Iles and the James Bay area.

“The strategic plan will allow a better development of the existing assets to support renewed Company’s objectives” said Hubert Vallée. “I look forward to lead Niocan’s growth plan” he added.

About Niocan

Niocan is an exploration and development company, with a focus on becoming a ferroniobium producer. The Company holds a niobium property in Oka, Québec and other exploration properties in the Province of Québec. Niocan’s Oka mining property consists of mining rights comprised of 49 claims covering 2,281 acres and its Great Whale property consists of surface and mining rights covering 24,944 acres on the Hudson Bay territory.

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Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer